Thursday, February 23, 2012

Umisen-Yamasen whereabout 2012 Spring!

Hi! Sorry for the long blank! Are you still with us? We hope so...!!
Now, let me tell you where we will be in February and March!

Tomorrow (we mean, today! Friday, 24th of Feb) is the first day of one and only Hyper Japan!! It's a big three days event about Japanese Culture, traditional to modern, cool, pop and kawaii!! We are ready to take commission work and also sell some postcards etc.

At the beginning of March, Umisen ladies and Deadly Kawaii team up for Japan Expo Sud in Marseille, France. The event is from 2nd to 5th of March and we are under the name of D.K/UMISEN-YAMASEN and our booth number is H113! So if you are in France, come come! or you know someone in France who might be interested in manga/anime and Japanese culture, let them know about it!

On 19th of March, we will be at Japan Day and Student Fair, organized by Doshisha University, which is one of the very high level and famous universities in Japan. We'll do drop in manga workshop there. You need to register to join this event, so please visit the website (click the name of the event to jump) for the detailed information.

On 24th of March, it's a Japanese pop and cosplay party night at Sainsbury Center of Visual Art, Norwich! It's After Hours: Kingdom of Characters, which is a part of very very exciting must see exhibition at this beautiful museum. We will do manga demonstrations and some more!

The end of March, on 31st of March and 1st of April, we are at Hi-Ex The Highlands International Comic Expo in Inverness, Scotland. We are so so excited to go back there...! So if you are in Scotland, come come!! It's definitely one of the best events.

Hope to see you somewhere very soon!!

Chie xxx